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The SelfCheck Steps

Checking for symptoms

Self-Test Kits

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Test yourself

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Selfcheck Steps

STEP 1: Self-check analysis

  • When was your last STI test?  - If more than 3 months; Click Here

  • When was the last time you saw any rash or sores on your body or genital area especially within the past year?  Click Here

  • When was the last time you recall seeing or hearing about any rash or sores on your partner or friends? Click Here

  • If so, try to compare them with any of the symptoms shown in the link.

  • Were the rash and/or sores itchy or painful?  

  • If so, what was your personal diagnosis? 

  • Have you experienced any burning or discharge from your genital or anal area; sore throat?  Click Here

  • Have you been experiencing any loss of weight, fatigue, loss of appetite, low grade fever, flu-like symptoms, or swollen lymph nodes (glands)?  Click Here

  • If you have any concerns, questions or have any questionable symptoms, Click Here

  • If you and/or your partner tested positive for HIV recently, or in the past, where do you go for followup care? If you do not have a provider, Click Here

  • Is your partner HIV positive and you are not? Click Here

  • Are you interested in more info on PrEP or PEP? Click Here

STEP 2: What you need to know about STIs.  Click Here


STEP 3: Available services and community partners. Click Here


Call one of these clinics for a confirmation of your self-diagnosis and/or schedule an appointment if you have any concerns. You could also inquire about any other STIs that were not discussed on this site.


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